Hey all!! 

The residents are excitedly preparing to send our work off to DC for an exchange show with Flux Studios Residents. The exchange is being coordinated by Handmade in America.  As an organization, Handmade in America is very dedicated to the art community both on local and national levels and we are grateful for the opportunities they have created. 

We are very honored to be participating in an exchange with a studio of such high quality work.  We are excited to be showing in a new venue and to reach a different regional audience. Shows such as this highlight the diversity of the fine art world and provide communities with the opportunity to view diverse aesthetics.       

Says Novie Trump, founder of Flux Studios, “…the members of Flux are excited to present our work to the arts community in Asheville. This continues our tradition of exchange and our desire to engage in an active dialogue with artists and arts enthusiasts both nationally and internationally.”

Flux Studio’s show opens this coming Friday, November 30th from 5-7 at Handmade in America (125 S. Lexington Ave.; Asheville, NC).  The show will be viewable until February 22, 2012.  The Flux residents included in the show are Novie Trump, Laurel Lukaszewski, Jessica Beels, Jeffery Herrity, Tamara Laird, and Elizabeth Vorlicek.

Odyssey Resident Artists’ show opens Saturday, December 8th from 12-5pm.  The show is up until February 22.  The Odyssey residents included are Elaine Buss, Mellie Lonnemann, Kaitlyn Kelsey, Ashley Roberts, Bailey Arend, Mariana Menge, and Genvieve VanZandt.  Our show card is below. 



Thank you and Take care!!